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A Day With Dirtbags

A Day With Dirtbags

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A Day With Dirtbags

I’m barely awake and I’ve been up at 6:30 and it’s 8:30 on the dot. So that doesn’t mean I’m actually functioning. It just means I’m physically up. Don’t talk to me or ask me questions or expect me to do much of anything until about 9 930am. I only know what bright eyes and bushy tail means because the rest of the humans in my family get to experience it. Good for them. But don’t come in here bouncing all over the place with your awakeness rubbing it in my face. So go away if you want to live.

Yea, yea. They say you need to take a cold shower in the morning, do some exercise and eat a “complete and balanced breakfast”. Ok. I can balance my coffee mug pretty well on the beer belly I got going on. How’s that for a “balance breakfast”? Oh, that’s not what they mean? Well, fine then.

Ugh, I hate to admit it but I’m trying to be better in the morning. Blah. I don’t see my kids much during the day so I’m trying to be present with them more in the mornings. However, right now “present” means still half asleep on the couch in the living room while they bombard me with questions and drawing swords to fight each other to the death, while I watch and cheer on through squinty sleepy eyes.

I’ve come to the conclusion, one does not just become a morning person. It will take hard work, willpower and so much coffee or tea I think I need to just start growing it myself.

I’ve tried cold showers to wake me up and all that did was make me colder and run back under the covers and really just put me in a pissy mood. So I tried actually eating breakfast. However, since I wasn’t hungry to begin with, it actually made me nauseous and sick. Now we get to the suggestion of exercising in the morning. So, your telling all-ready naturally uncoordinated me needs to work out in the morning when I’m not awake. I feel like there will be hidden cameras somewhere. Will paramedics be on standby?

Fine American Council of Exercise. I’m gonna give this a try. But I have standards you know. And special requests. I don’t just try and wake up and be social for anyone. So here are my demands:

  • Music. I like to sing. Doesn’t mean I’m good. But it gets me in the mood.
  • Beverages. I don’t care what kind. But it better be good.
  • An instructor. I can’t do this crap on my own. I have no clue what I’m doing. I’m gonna need a lot of help.
  • New. I’ve tried a lot of things to keep my butt going in the morning. So let’s try something I haven’t done before.
  • Fun. I’m an inappropriate laughter. I can’t help it. It just comes out. Sometimes even with a snort or two. So except it, enjoy it and let’s move on.

So who thinks they can handle me? I don’t see many hands going up. But you know what happened? All my rock star demands were meet and were exceeded.

A few weeks ago, I got treated to exactly what I was looking for. Hayat, instructor and owner at Hayat Yoga, could put up with my newbie nonsense. She had great music playing that got me automatically in a better mood. It was a new activity I had never done before. And here’s the part you gonna get giddy at- it had beer. Yes, beer. They said a balanced breakfast. Beer has wheat and… things. It was totally balance on the floor in front of my yoga mat. Yup, yoga. What I thought was the least appropriate place for my inappropriate laughter. But there couldn’t have been a better pairing.

The location of the yoga was one I had never thought of… a brewery. Dirtbag Ales Brewery hosted the crew of Fayetteville Bloggers (#fayncbloggers) to show us what they were made of. And do you know what they were made of… beer! Like good beer. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, home of awesome beer and clydesdales to represent them. This ain’t your daddy’s beer.

Dirtbag Ales Brewery isn’t your high school produced garageband. Maybe it was started as one, but it graduated to Billboard #1 status. You’ve got to give creator, Tito, mad props for reaching for the stars (or keg tap). People in society have been so trained to just find a job that pays. Instead of following a passion or talent that might not. Luckily for Tito and the rest of the Dirtbags, chasing that passion lead to a lifestyle surrounded by what they enjoy most; friends and beer.

Currently located at 3623 Legion Rd., Hope Mills, NC 28348. I stress currently they are moving! Get excited folks. Like put on your Sunday best and do a little jig excited. We got an exclusive on site tour of their new location. And holy crap! I think it will include the most activities and amenities in the area for families and furries alike once it is complete. I’m going to specifically point out that there will be a on-site playground.


Sorry, as soon as I heard that little tidbit I got giddy like a kid in a candy store… or an adult at a brewery. Think of all the playdates! Furthermore, the playground is not the only epic activity they are going to have. They will also have, but not limited to:

  • a dog park
  • sports fields
  • beer garden
  • and farmers market

Wait, farmers market? Yeahhhh buddy!



Employees from Sustainable Sandhills were on site at the new Dirtbag Brewery location to talk to us about this amazing opportunity coming to our area. Sustainable Sandhills, local farmers, artisans and the Dirtbag Ale crew all partnered together to create this attraction. The farmers market will be open every Sunday starting in mid April.

Imagine heading out to the new Dirtbag Brewery location on a Sunday morning, grabbing a cup of coffee and shopping for fresh fruits and beeries (haha) for a picnic later on the grounds of Dirtbag. Because your going to be able to do that! Next, picture grabbing a seasonal strawberry beer while eating strawberries sourced from the same local farmer. The new farmers market is going to be bringing so many options to the area. Fresh vegetables for meals, fresh fruits for snacks, being able to talk and ask questions from the local farmers themselves. Remember that picnic I was talking about? Not only will there be spaces to sit and have a picnic there are also plans on having local food trucks at the new brewery location to provide opportunities to purchase a meal.

We were treated to a meal from the R Burger Food Truck after yoga with Hayat and touring the new location at Dirtbags. I of course needed to try something they are known for. So when in the south, put Pimento Cheese on it.

I admit, I was nervous at first. From the midwest, I also grew up with Pimento Cheese. However, I haven’t had it in a long time, let alone piled high on a burger. YOLO, right?! So I compromised and got it on the side. But after one bite I asked for a knife and slathered that stuff all over my burger. Holy Cow (no pun intended) was that an amazing combination of flavors.

I hate dry meals. I love sauces dripping from them and the Pimento cheese added to this burger did not disappoint. Normally, I’m a good girl and finish my meal. However, my burger was so big and filling I couldn’t finish fries. They were very sad. So I hope to give them a pick me up soon next time I eat there. I hope that I will be seeing R Burger at the new brewery location when it opens. Check R Burger’s Facebook page for locations and times.

Thank you for Tito, founder and brewmaster,and everyone else involved in Dirtbag Ales for washing out the taste of crappy cheap water down beer out of my mouth and Midwest soul. Cheers to the risk takers, innovators and imagineers of craft beers.



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